Being Positive Could Enhance Our Skills as Developers

In fact, we all know that having a positive attitude can be a huge win, whether in our personal or professional life.

As a developer, this is something we truly need to emphasize, as the nature of our passion makes us problem solvers, bug ninja, and so on! furthermore, the common factors to those profiles, from my experience, are patience and discipline, no matter what we do, and being positive could be a game-changer!

What does it mean to be positive?

Be proactive and change your paradigm.

Imagine that one day, during your standup meeting, a colleague of yours talked about something you did wrong the day before, saying that it shouldn’t be done that way. How would you react?

Actually, one would be reactive and answer by saying/doing something inappropriate or being proactive and saving time and energy by analyzing the situation from a positive perspective (paradigm). It’s in fact a choice we make internally, it’s a state of mind!

Being proactive teaches us how to use our brain capacities to behave and take control over different situations in life, which enhances automatically our way of thinking about things, and hence, improve our paradigm, which is for me like cleaning our daily glasses to see the world in a much better form.

Making the tough times the best ones!

Try to understand then to be understood.

It’s Human to make mistakes, and we would rather take time to understand the meaning of feedback we get than trying to be understood first. This could strengthen our relations with people surrounding us, and make us more empathic.

Let your developer soul shine like a sun!

This is the end of our little story and the beginning of shiny days for you, dear reader.

We shared together some thoughts about the developer’s life, and how we could improve to be even more effective and successful!

Looking forward to sharing other stories with you all. Don’t forget to follow our page, and stay tuned for what’s next.

Take care until then!

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